Making the Case for Life – Workshop

On May 30th, Mike Spencer from Life training institute came to beautiful Keene to do a workshop for the Pregnancy Resource Center of the Monadnock Region.

We had a great turn out of about 50 people from all different churches and backgrounds.

The workshop was thought provoking and heart wrenching and heart changing! If you came with the thought that abortion was ok in the case of rape and or incest, you left with a heart that said all life is precious and why should the unborn suffer for the sin of its father?

We were exposed to graphic pictures of an aborted fetus that was eye opening. Did you know most people who are pro-choice/pro-life have seen an aborted baby photo? We found that our argument for life stems from the fact that all life created in that secret place in the womb is indeed human. My heart will be forever changed and my spirit fueled with passion to get the word out about our tiniest human beings who have no voice and rely on ours.

21 days after conception a heart beats, a child has every DNA of its parents and life is in fact happening. Which brings me to the question that was asked, “What is the unborn?”

A clump of cells? Product of conception? We all have heard many descriptions of the unborn. I have read that people even think it is not a baby while inside the womb. Then what is it? Why abort it if it’s not alive or human? If you missed this workshop, you have to get the book! We hope to have Mike spencer back again. If you wish to hear him again or want to be part of it, please e-mail the center and indicate you are interested!

The book is available on Amazon! Don’t for get to use Amazon Smiles to make a donation!