How do we do it?

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. – Romans 1:16

When I first became Executive Director of the Pregnancy Resource Center, I was told to keep the atmosphere of the center very neutral.  I understood what kind of people I would be serving and gathered that most kept their waiting rooms free from bibles, devotions and anything that might scare the potential client away.   While that might work for them, it did not work for me in the area I lived and worked.  I wanted to start with the gospel and end with the gospel.  Let’s take a look again at the scripture verse above.  It states that it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.  This warms my soul as a Director and gives me renewed hope to keep on praying that God would lead every person who is ready to receive him into the center.Evelyn with Baby

I have not made any exceptions in this, the Gospel is in full force at the center.  Our objective is to love unconditionally to the point that the person feels Gods spirit and the gift of trust is established and from there a change of heart for those who are abortion minded and determined!  If indeed scripture says it is the power of God, then why challenge that?  If we are not ashamed of the gospel, then why hide it?  We have had an explosion of salvations at the center, and I take No credit at all and neither do my staff.  We give the glory to Christ Jesus.   I believe the Spirit of God brings and then does the best work in them when they decide to give their baby LIFE.  We simply love which is what he commands all of us Christians to do.  Out of this obedience a  babies life is spared.  In todays society it is important to say who you are, transparency is what everyone wants.  If we are truthful, genuine, compassionate and respectful then I do believe God rewards us for it.  We are faced everyday with people who think we are brainwashing and pressuring our younger generation to make choices other than their own.  Is it because the pro-choice voices say every woman has the right to chose for herself  as long as it’s abortion.  Where does that leave the woman or couple who need information and education to make informed choices?  What about the woman who wants to know if there are other options?  Are we going to tell them there is only one way of thinking?  Which is what the pro-choice voice says.  “Empower and abortion” as if to say that by taking a life somehow gives us brownie points?  I say, we have a responsibility to inform and help each person understand how their decision could potentially end a human life, not a clump of cells or product of conception. Introducing them to the idea that their life is valued and the life of their child is valued, they do not have to walk this path alone, through God’s love the change of heart the decision for life will come automatically.  But in reality, this does not always happen and a life is power of GOd that brings salvation to everyone who believes.

Smiling Young Mom with ChildThis is how Christ does it through me and the staff of the Pregnancy Resource Center of the Monadnock Region, this is how he can do it through you.lost and a soul is lost.  What do we do but grieve and cry and give it to Christ, the one who understands better than we do.    I will never be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I will always speak openly of the power of His love.  It is through this that our clients choose Life and choose Christ.  There are no apologies for a Christ centered Pregnancy Resource Center.  To date we have had over 20 salvations since I have started in 2012, over 90% of our clients have chosen life.